Home renovation with a modern, yet classic style.


This home sits quietly to itself with a long gated driveway making it private and cozy. Four children that once lived their with their parents are now grown and have their own families. Their mother lives there alone after the passing of her husband and wanted to renovate for the first time in over twenty years. This was a beautiful and extremely well maintained home that simply needed to be modernized. 

Yesterday. wanted to provide her with a classic yet modern look that brightened each space. The color pallet consisted of greys, greens and blues. The layered accents of muted gold, brushed nickel and textured linens, helped to soften the look of the design. Floral prints were a staple, making the renovation have a feminine feel. All hardware, curtain rods, lighting, flooring and doors were upgraded to bring a fresh feel to the restoration. 

Nicknamed “the wood room,” the walls and floor of the den and the den bathroom were covered in wood. The large rock fireplace was bulky and made the room feel disproportionate. The television was catycorned in the room, adding to the feeling of imbalance. The wood walls were replaced with fresh drywall and a chair rail, instantly brightening the room. The fireplace was removed in exchange for a smaller, wooden piece that allowed the television to be placed on the mantel–bringing the space into balance. The curled linen couch with soft pillows made the area feel cozy while the dark blue rug added depth. The tables added just the right amount of function and interest. A small reclining chair and photo frames make this corner an inviting place to sit and read a good book. 

The dining room was overcrowded, making the space feel small. By simply eliminating some of the pieces and placing a mirror on the back wall to add depth, the room looks larger. The dining room table with linen chairs provides a comfortable, yet elegant place for guests to share a meal. The area rug compliments the wall colors and softens the dark floors. The layered place settings add an intricate detail with style that helps the space look inviting. The chandelier finishes the space, with brighter lighting and a classic look.

The rod iron bed frame and navy blue chest keep this small guest bedroom in balance and make a unique space for the homeowner’s granddaughter to spend time in when she visits. The mirror and table decor add to the overall theme of the house and the plush new carpet and bedding keep the space feeling relaxed. The patterned pillows against the linens and give the right amount of visual contrast. Alysha’s personal touch, a candy dish of Werther’s originals, completes the room. 

The second guest bedroom had existing elegant furniture that needed to be incorporated into the design. A plush comforter with a light gold rose pattern and throw pillows created the perfect solution to soften the dark furniture. The new carpet feels amazing under bare feet.  Adding a touch of greenery and photo frames, gave the room a completed and uncluttered look. 

New shower curtains and linens were added to the bathrooms, along with new faucets and hardware–a simple upgrade that makes all the difference. The new tile floor ties in both the wood tones in adjacent rooms and greys used in the paint colors throughout the house. Two of the bathrooms were painted a sage green that beautifully accents the vanities. 

The master bedroom already had beautiful furniture and simply needed a little cosmetic work to freshen the space. The touch of pink gave a feminine feel to the room that correlates beautifully with the sage green accent wall behind the headboard. Floral printed curtain panels were just what this room needed to finish the makeover. 

The striped chairs in the formal living room gave the room visual interest and personality. The new sofa and rug complement the chairs while keeping the overall look of the room calming. Floral prints above the sofa carry on the feminine theme and the vintage inspired mirror above the fireplace make this room a unique place to have good conversation with guest. 

We hope that this newly renovated home lends itself to tranquility and an inviting place for family gatherings.

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Family Returns from Vacation to a Redesigned Home

This lovely two-story home simply needed a little paint and redecorating to transform it into a stylish home for this beautiful family. The homeowners struggled with where and how to hang pictures on the walls, as well as pulling colors together to make the overall look more “cool-toned.” They wanted their home to feel light and open, giving them a space where they can feel relaxed. While they went on vacation for a week, we transformed their home into a retreat- all within their budget.

We believe the master bedroom is an incredibly important room in any home. It should be a place to unwind and escape from the stresses of the day. This master bedroom featured a beautiful headboard but it blended into the dark brown accent wall. Painting the wall a soft blue complements the darkness of the bed and allows it to make a statement. Adding a plush rug anchors the space and gives a feeling of coziness. For the bedding, we chose printed sheets with a white bedspread, embroidered with details. The grayish brown pillows tie in the dark furniture while the light blue pillow adds a pop of color and interest. Greenery and lamp lighting helped to create a calming ambiance. 

It’s always fun to makeover a child’s room! This sweet little princess already had a beautiful bedroom with the window being the focal point. We simply rearranged the furniture and added a few elements for organization and style. The wreath hung on a gold hook above the bed gave a delicate touch to the space. Gold feather hooks and a child-sized mirror made for a perfect dress up area.

The light grey sofa and chair in the formal living room were already in the space. Moving the chair to the opposite wall freed up the walkway and made the space more open. Many people think you have to choose between greys and browns. It’s actually one of our favorite design elements when we combine them! We worked with the existing camel paint color, layering blues, neutrals and patterns to make the space pop. The round black mirror, shelf, candelabras and silver picture frames fill in the space above the sofa and make an elegant focal point. The area rug in this room is one of our favorites, pulling all of the design elements together. Adding some hooks next to the front door added function to the entryway.

The den is a place for movies and family time. We moved the furniture slightly to open the walkway, creating an empty space that just needed a little something. The custom wall mounted desk was a perfect solution while providing a place for paperwork. The television placement worked well for this family so we focused on pulling the eye to the fireplace. Using a mirror they already had, we added a splash of greenery and a few candles to make a simple yet beautiful statement. A few pillows and throws soften the dark brown sofas and keep the room feeling light and open.

The existing kitchen table no longer met the needs of this growing family. The original table was round and fairly large for the space, making it difficult to access the back door. The new rectangle table provided the right amount of seating and complemented the angled walls. We then framed the space with beautiful blue patterned curtain panels.

The formal dining room featured a stunning dark wooden table and deep red walls. With the homeowners wanting the overall theme of the home to be light but wanting to keep the table and chairs, we focused on the walls, curtains and table decor to brighten the space. The red walls below the chair rail were painted blue while the top half of the room was later faux finished by Lynn Clayton Decorative Painting- the perfect touch to soften the space and add unique elegance. Sconces and linen curtains were added to frame the window. The beautiful vintage inspired area rug gives personality to the space while anchoring the room. Placing a mirror above the buffett on the opposite side of the window helps to make the room look larger and brighter by reflecting light. The table setting and centerpiece bring a sophisticated yet inviting touch to the room.

The hallway landing felt empty. Adding a large faux plant and a gorgeous shelving unit warmed the space and provided a place for displaying family pictures and art. The hallway photo frames from Target were perfect for adding simple style, bringing in the black elements seen throughout the home.

We loved surprising this family with a reimagined home when they returned from their vacation. Nobody likes to leave the beach but we think we made it a little easier.

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Unique Basement Renovation Meets Active Family’s Needs

Residential Space | Princeton, West Virginia

This house sits in a quiet neighborhood, and is home to a beautiful and active family. After their basement suffered water damage, they decided to take the opportunity to completely remodel the space. This multipurpose basement would serve both overnight guests, as well as their family’s leisure, recreational, and fitness activities. The home owners love their family vacations and wanted to incorporate a beach inspired theme into a farmhouse-style renovation. 

The scope of the project included a bathroom, guest room, television and gaming area. The family also loved the idea of including a ninja warrior zone for their sons- a unique and exciting addition to the space. 

Special requests included storage solutions to keep toys and fitness equipment organized and accessible. It was also important to the home owners for the windows, door and stairway entrances to be in plain view from the sofa. With every project there are items that are “must keep” and “must go.” For this family, their sofa sectional, coffee table, and television stand needed to be incorporated into the redesign. With a little creative thinking, we were able to meet their needs without compromising aesthetics.

After the general layout was decided, we sought help from our friends Jody and Sheena Hawks to create the ninja-warrior zone. Keeping in mind the overall theme and color pallette, we opted for neutral and wood-toned elements. The result- a fun, surprising, beautiful space for two active young boys. 

The guest room showcases the homeowners’ hospitality through welcoming thoughtful touches- the wifi password displayed on the writing desk and snacks for those midnight cravings. The chest of drawers was a sentimental piece from one of the homeowners college days and was refinished by yesterday. to add character to the space. The hooks behind the door were perfect for hanging personal items and keeping the space tidy during overnight stays. 

Don Parker Construction laid the tile floor throughout the space and created a beautiful custom shower with materials from Raleigh Tile of Princeton. The subway tile highlighted the farmhouse theme with subtle waves that nod toward ocean waves. The new vanity and top freshen the space and the added frame for the mirror was a simple, inexpensive upgrade. Shelves provided a storage solution, while creating a space to display elements that contribute to the design theme.

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Campus Student Center Anchors Vision Through Renovation

Jack Marcom Student Center | Home of The Chicory Coffee Company

Bluefield College | Bluefield, Virginia

Bluefield College is nestled in the mountains of Bluefield, Virginia. The campus exterior reflects the surrounding scenery and architecture of the era. The interior of the campus lacked cohesiveness and style, making it difficult for students to take ownership and feel at home. Josh Arnold, Associate Vice President for Student Development, dreamed of creating a space for students that would catalyze relationships and provide a space clearly designed with them in mind, paying tribute to demographics and community. “Mountain Modern” became the overall theme of the design in which the first space on campus would be renovated. 

Each space should have its own elements of surprise. Creating impressionable features in this student center helped to give the building personality and provide a backdrop for students to capture memories. With students being the main users, blurring the lines between work and play creates a unique atmosphere for both studying and hanging out with friends. 

Every well designed commercial or residential space should provide a sense of place- a sense of home and familiarity. People develop relationships with their surroundings and grow a personal attachment to a space when the design details reflect location, purpose and self. To make these connections, yesterday. told their story through design.

Personal touches are a designers signature. Wooden bowls filled with Werther’s Originals  top the tables in the Chicory Coffee Company. A simple and subtle nod to Alysha’s grandfather, who always carried Werther’s in his pocket. Alysha’s signature is hidden on the feature wall and only a handful of people will  probably ever find it. She also wrote Don Parker’s name on the back of the ram’s head, the valued contractor and owner of Don Parker Construction that made the entire vision a reality through hard work, long hours and without even flinching. 

Our hope is that this transformation will strengthen community connection, provide students with a sense of place, serve as a catalyst to increase student enrollment and inspire campus transformation. 

Before Renovation

We are happy and thankful for the opportunity to work with local artists and businesses to deliver exceptional products and custom work.

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