Parker Construction
Parker Construction is a company founded on trust and community. His crew is known for their outstanding work and attention to detail. Don’s love for creating, working with his hands, and connecting with people has been the driving force behind the growth of Parker Construction.
Jess & Me
Hey! My name is Jess. I am a wife, mom, and creator. I feel most myself when I have a project or craft in my day, this is why I all run my own business, Jess&me. My clients put the ‘me’ in Jess&me because I want to make their designs come to life. I create everything from custom embroidery to decor! You can find out more at http://www.jessandme.com 
My heart gets so excited when I find an item and imagine a way to give it a second life! I am thrilled to work with Yesterday Restored to make your place feel cozy and comfortable!
Raleigh Tile of Princeton
Raleigh Tile’s expertise in flooring, from three generations of service, is what sets them apart from all others. Their extensive knowledge enables them to provide the ultimate customer care experience, troubleshooting problems before they happen and helping with each step to create spaces that will be admired for years to come. They are forward thinking, bringing the latest trends to the area. Whether you are tackling your renovation on your own or needing the help of an installer, they will guide you through the process.
Pneuma Photography Co.
Stephanie Wilson & Jenna Miller
A camera that started out as a Christmas gift and two friends with a passion for Jesus grew to become Pneuma Photography, a company founded in love and faith.
Go find them on Facebook @PnuemaPhotographyCo.!
Kelly.C Design
Kelly.C Design’s services range from custom logo design to complete website creation.
“I love telling stories through the many areas of design and I would love to help tell yours!”
Check out her website http://kelly-may.com!